When you buy from us, you buy from family.

We’re a tight-knit group of people working to help families connect more easily. We are building this because we truly believe in the magic of being there for family, no matter what.

We’re excited to deliver an intimate, simple, and magical communication experience to you.

Meet our Customers

Our Story

"I have three little boys and we always have to keep an eye on those guys. All I wanted was a way to easily check in on them when we’re not in the same room. Everything on the market was complicated, outdated, and cost thousands of dollars. I couldn’t believe it. So we got the best in the business together, and now Nucleus does more than I ever imagined to bring people closer to home and the people they love."

- Jonathan Frankel

Founder & CEO

Meet the Nucleus Family

Omaha, NE. Pianist and synth enthusiast. Possesses an endless supply of customer empathy.

Aaron Weiss

Customer Experience Associate

Brooklyn-born, raised in Philly. Bleeds Duke Blue; obsessed with college basketball. When not delivering products that customers will happily buy, he can be found running [chasing his two boys], playing poker, or watching tv (#TeamTyrion)!

Adam Becker

Senior Director of Program Management

Lives with his wife and 2 children in Raanana, Israel. Cycles, practices yoga and open water swimming. All about the details.

Alon Daniel

QA Manager

SF native. Avid movie-goer. Logistics master.

Amanda Chan

Growth Strategist

Brooklyn native. Burrito hobbyist. Loves making a customer's day.

Anthony Cuni

Head of Customer Experience

Jersey girl and FIT Grad. Singing, Harry Potter and cooking are a few of her favorite things.

Ashley Vidal

Customer Experience Associate

Former head of R&D at Vidyo; Co-Founder of VidyoCast. Authored 8 wireless video communication patents. Father of 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Isaac Levy

Co-Founder & CTO

Oakland, CA. Street food aficionado. Chocolate-covered espresso bean gatekeeper.

Jackie DeJesse

Product Manager

Seoul, South Korea. Plays folk music like nobody's business. Loves having a dedicated platform to connect with family in another country.

Jeff Lee

Mobile Engineer

Xi'an, China. Golfs and sings karaoke like a boss all while managing the supply chain. Loves that Nucleus brings her back home with one tap.

Jiting Yang

Supply Chain Lead

Grew up near the west coast of France. Jamming on the guitar since high school and looking to learn bass guitar. Most of all, he loves the team here at Nucleus.

Jocelyn Masserot

Head of Hardware Engineering

Harvard Law and Yeshiva University grad. Ordained rabbi. Lives with his amazing wife and 3 sons in Philadelphia.

Jonathan Frankel

Founder & CEO

Colima, Mexico. All about tacos and mountainbiking. Loves the risk and possibility when writing code.

Juan Jose Lopez

Full Stack Software Developer

Born and raised Jersey. Pin collector & video game enthusiast. Loves making customers into fanboys.

Kati Eige

Customer Experience Associate

Grew up in Israel. Coding since his Bar Mitzva. Spins vinyl in Jersey with his wife, 2 sons and 2 rabbits.

Meir Sela

Head of R&D

McGill grad. Gardens while dreaming of BC blueberries. Plays fly-half.

Michael Hershfield


Proud Canadian in NYC. In pursuit of ideal dad bod. Co-Founder and former President of Maxwell Health. Previously CRO at RecycleBank and VP of Business Strategy at Points.com. Doting husband and father of two young boys.

Morley Ivers

Co-Founder, President

Pratt MFA. Hoops is the name of his game. Designs super fly company swag.

Moshe Bienenfeld

Graphic Designer

Brooklyn. IPAs. Customer-obsessed. 

Nate Taylor

Growth Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Israel. Cycles as much as humanly possible. What's not to love about being able to connect with my family wherever I am?

Omer Sagi

Senior QA Engineer

New York City. Hikes whenever and wherever. Cannot code without GORP.

Sam Mernick

Software Engineer

University of Colima. Movie and running fanatic. Loves building a product that makes your loved ones feel closer, wherever there are.

Sandra Del Rio Gudiño

Software Analyst & QA

Yorktown Heights, NY. Professional quizmaster. I get the technology out of the way so you can enjoy the Nucleus experience.

Tom Tostanoski

Customer Experience Associate

Comala, Mexico. Met the love of his life in Guadalajara. Life is about the little moments shared together.

Tomy Mendoza Robles

Full Stack Software Developer

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