How Nucleus Lets Jeff Connect with His 18-Month Old Grandson

I use Nucleus to connect with my kids and my grandkids. Both of my kids aren’t really “kids” anymore! One lives nearby (with two kids, 5 and 7) and one pretty far (with an 18-month-old that I wish was closer).

My local grandkids spend a lot of time with my wife and me. Other than that, if we’re traveling we’d Facetime with them (both Apple users). That was it. The ones in Indianapolis aren’t Apple, so our principle way of communicating other than phone was 3 nights a week they’d send us some Snapchats of our 18 month old. (Have instagram and all of that).

Cousins should always be able to connect with cousins. Grandmother should always be able to get a hold of her grandchildren.

I love Snapchat (and I really do use it!), but I don’t like the fact that the videos go away after you look at them twice. Of course My Story goes away, too. I understand that’s part of the philosophy of Snapchat. We’d see a really cool video of my grandson and think “I wish I had that forever.”

Suffice it to say, I was really excited to stumble upon Nucleus when I was looking into purchasing an Echo for my son’s birthday. I bought the 3-pack: kept one in my house and gave one to my son, and one to my daughter. It seemed to be so simple in its application and user interface that even a 5-year-old could use it. Plus, I thought: “Cousins should always be able to connect with cousins. Grandmother should always be able to get a hold of her grandchildren.”

Cut to today, and my hopes for the product have absolutely come true: my wife and I use it at least once a day: we’ve gotten in the routine where our son who lives a bit far will call us after dinner so we can watch our 18-month-old grandson play. It’s as if we are there in the room with them. Even more amazing is that our slightly-older grandkids understand how to call us, despite being only 5 and 7. They see the video button and know exactly what to do. It’s an incredible experience getting a call from such young kids.

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