How Nucleus Helps Kate Take Care of Her Aging Mother

My story is short and sweet: Nucleus has been a godsend for me and my family. 

I jumped at the opportunity to buy it when I first saw it because I needed a home intercom: I have 4 kids and there’s only one of me. I needed an easy way to keep track of the kids while I made dinner and took care of the house. Little did I realize that Nucleus would change my life in a few other vital ways.

First: it makes my husband extremely happy. He often works late and misses hanging with the kids. Nucleus provides an easy way for the kids to call my husband when he’s at his desk (even my little ones can understand how to use Nucleus to call their dad). My husband also calls me from time to time when my hands are full (often when I’m making dinner) - he’s all stressed out at work and it makes him happy to see us - as silly as it sounds - it’s good to check in.

Nucleus has changed the way that I take care of my aging mother.

Second, and perhaps most important: Nucleus has changed the way that I take care of my aging mother. My mom has dementia and we went through a rough patch where I’d have to run downstairs to the basement to check in on her. With Nucleus, she doesn’t have to pick it up. It’s the greatest. I look at her and see that she’s ok and I see that she hasn’t fallen. It’s been a godsend for us.

Nucleus takes away the uncertainty while allowing my mother to have her independence.

The Nucleus mobile app is a big part of what makes Nucleus so special for me and my mother. The mobile app allows me to call my mom when I'm out and about - it makes it easier for me to take some time for myself without worrying about whether she's ok at home by herself. That kind of peace of mind is incredible. 

Nucleus is a great home intercom, but the truly invaluable quality it provides for me is the ability to care for my mother while allowing her to live somewhat independently. It solves the unknown and takes away the uncertainty, while allowing my mother to have the independence she cherishes so much. 

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