How MJ Uses Auto-Answer on Nucleus to Connect with his Parents

I was born and raised in California where my family lives; we are very close. I can't lie, I am an absolute mama's boy. Late last year I was offered a promotion I could not pass, only catch, it was in New York City. With my dad battling a long run with cancer and my mom's lack of mobility, my decision was VERY difficult. My mom and family begrudgingly supported my decision so I packed up and headed east. During the move and while I was getting my apartment set up, I would FaceTime my parents and each time they commented on how great it was to see me and how it really helped them feel I was not far away. Sadly our use of FaceTime waned.

FaceTime was not the killer app I had hoped it would be.

FaceTime was not the killer app I had hoped it would be. Many times I would make a FaceTime call and there would be no answer. When I would call my folks on their land line and they would tell me things like: - I don't know where my iPad is, - it's not turned on because I was not expecting your call, - I didn't hear it. Eventually, we stopped using FaceTime altogether. 

This began my online search for personal / home teleconference products. There was one I liked a lot was a device that sat on top of the TV and had HDMI pass through so we could use their large TV for video conference but the damned thing was very expensive and had a monthly fee. I eventually stumbled on Nucleus and thought I would give it a try. 

I got the new Nucleus' setup and going at my place while they were visiting, showed them how to used it and sent two home with them hoping for the best. To my amazement, they set it up on their own AND re-configured the WiFi settings to connect to their network. WOW! The video quality is FANTASTIC and the auto answer, for me, is the KILLER app. I like the auto answer because it allows me to call and talk to them without them having to get up (they're old so that is actually a big deal).

Since I moved, my mom's health has improved and my dad is still symptom-free and healthy! Nucleus has really allowed us to stay close and helped my folks feel like I am not so far away.

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