How Leslie Uses Nucleus to Stay Close to Her Parents Across The Country

I use Nucleus to stay close to my mom and dad, who live across the country from me: I live in California and they live in Virginia. After a few months, I have really come to depend on Nucleus to connect with them, because it is getting increasingly difficult to connect in other ways.

I work as a technology scout - it’s awesome work, and I can’t complain about the setting, but it is far from my parents. As they get older, they have an increasingly difficult time figuring out how to get the most out of new technology. I know this is par for the course for a lot of older folks, but it’s a bummer because my dad used to be really tech savvy!

I started noticing their inability to figure out tech products (sometimes even simple ones) when my mom called me for help using the copier. Just the fact that it had a touchscreen that auto-dimmed when it was inactive was confusing to her. Unfortunately, the difficulty mom and dad have with basic tech means that Skype is a no-go.

So my interactions with them usually had to happen via a landline telephone, which is not terribly intimate. I love seeing them and video makes communication feel rich and meaningful in a way that a simple audio call could never be.

Luckily, I discovered Nucleus while at a technology conference. I was so excited to find a new way to communicate with my parents so I shipped two units to them right away and kept one for myself. They set one up on my dad’s desk in his office (where he usually sits) and one up in their living room, near the couch on which my mom spends a lot of her time.

Nucleus allows me to tap into their lives in a way that a phone just cannot.

Nucleus allows me to tap into their lives in a way that a phone just cannot. And, despite the fact that it is a tech product, the intentionally simple design makes it easy for them to use. The fact that I can press single button and see either one of them on the other end is just magical. The real magic though, is that they have such an easy time using it, that they will call me from time to time. The combination of being able to be in touch with them and seeing their satisfaction at figuring out a new product is nothing short of amazing.

Nucleus also helps me be a more effective problem-solver for my parents. They can, for example, show me their phone, which is mysteriously not working today, and I can see that the light's not shining and the battery probably needs recharging. You would not believe how difficult this is to convey without visual communication:

Me: "Is the light shining?"
My parents: "Which light?"
Me: "There's usually some kind of light that shines when the phone is on."
My parents: "Well, there's a red bulb here, but I don't know if this the light you mean. I can't tell if it's shining or if it's just catching the light of the room."

Now that we have Nucleus, this entire exchange is no longer necessary as I can now see the phone for myself.

My mother’s ability to figure out how to use Nucleus was a godsend when my dad fell and broke his hip in February. While he was recovering, my mom used Nucleus to call me all the time. After 60 years of marriage, my mom is not exactly used to being alone!

I am so excited about what Nucleus offers to my parents and I can’t imagine not being able to communicate with my parents as intimately as I do today. I can’t wait to get one for my sister so she can join the family conversation!

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