How Eli Uses Nucleus to Keep Tabs on His Teenager

I started doing photography about 15 years ago with my brother Desmond in Savannah. I learned everything from him. Now I’m in Atlanta, where I have a photography business plus my day job as an electrical engineer.

I’ve shot a lot of weddings. The biggest mistake I see is when people forget the rings. The worst is when it happens at the altar. Once the best man forgot the bride’s ring, so a groom at the end of the line pulled off his and passed it to the groom. You could tell from looking at the bride that something was wrong. And you know that groom got an earful later!

My wife, Marsha, and I met during freshman orientation at college. There was a swing dance class and I thought OK, there are a lot of beautiful girls taking this. We became friends but didn’t start dating till years after college. I proposed on her 30th birthday. I surprised her with a party and then a weekend getaway. She expected me to do it at the party, and then she expected it once we got to the hotel for the weekend. But I had it planned for after dinner, so by the time I got down on one knee, she was like, “Is this going to happen or what?!”

I grew up in St. Croix in a big family: Mom, Dad, and eight kids, now aged 31 to 52. My oldest brother, Garfield, and I are probably the nerds in the family. We’re spread out between the Virgin Islands, North Carolina, and Georgia. I’m trying to loop them all into Nucleus. Right now I’m the one keeping things going via text message, but it would be great to see everyone’s face and hear their voice, especially since I only get back home every few years.

Every morning, Zahir stands in front of the Nucleus so I can see he’s prepared. We have to keep him in line!

I use Nucleus a lot with my own family. We have a 13-year-old, Zahir (he's my stepson but I think of him as my son), who leaves the house to go to school after my wife and I leave for work. Every morning, he stands in front of the Nucleus so I can see he’s prepared. We have to keep him in line! He has his book bag, he has a snack—pretty much everything he’d forget if he wasn’t reminded. Then later in the day, he’ll pass by the Nucleus and give me a ring. I like to know he’s safe. He’s always dancing and doing funny stuff in front of it.

Our daughter, Eden, is 17 months old, and she’s in that phase where she pushes anything to see what happens. She smiles whenever she sees herself

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