Introducing Voice-Activated Calling on Nucleus

At Nucleus, our mission is to bring families and friends closer together. We do that by making it easy to stay in touch with your loved ones. And we are especially excited today to announce that Nucleus and Alexa are making it even easier to connect with your loved ones with Voice-Activated Calling! 

Voice-activated calling, enabled by Alexa

Fully 40% of Nucleus devices are named “Kitchen”. We love that families are placing us right in the middle of their home, where they are most active and present. With that placement comes a further opportunity: what if you want to make a call, but your hands are too full or messy to tap the screen?

Enter Alexa. Alexa has been a core part of Nucleus from day one of our launch. We are particularly proud to be the first Alexa-enabled communications device. What’s exciting about today’s announcement is that we’re moving from a device that has Alexa AND communication to a device that has Alexa FOR communication.

If your hands are full but you need your Nucleus, you can now say “Alexa, tell Nucleus to call the playroom” or “Alexa, tell Nucleus to call John’s office”. And at night, if you have a Nucleus in your bedroom, you can say “Alexa, tell Nucleus to go to sleep” to fully dim the screen.

Alexa was the obvious choice for enabling voice control. Other options, such as direct call integration or server to Nucleus integration, were briefly considered. But they were quickly dismissed as both more complicated technically and more confusing for users. If our customers are already using Alexa to play music and turn on their lights, why create something new or different to make calls?

-Adam Becker

Adam is Senior Director of Program Management at Nucleus, where he leads QA and ensures the timely and high-quality delivery of software releases.

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