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Dear Nucleus Community -

My name is Jonathan Frankel - I'm the Founder and CEO of Nucleus. Now that we're 10 months into shipping our product (and years into the design, manufacturing, and conception of it), I'm happy to be able to take a moment to celebrate what we've built. 

Ring + Nucleus 

Today we're pushing a software update that will allow customers to connect the Ring Video Doorbell to Nucleus. We've built an incredibly simple setup flow - once you're signed into your Ring account on your Nucleus device, you will be able to receive calls across all of the Nucleus devices associated with your account. 

We can't wait to see how customers use the Ring + Nucleus integration. If you have any questions for me or our team, send us a note. We love feedback and, as I hope this update demonstrates, we take your feedback pretty seriously.

Learn more about connecting Ring and Nucleus here.

My best,


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