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Taking away the uncertainty: Why Auto-Answer is so important.

There is a simple feature that exists at the core of Nucleus called “auto-answer.” Auto-answer is what distinguishes Nucleus from other communication tools. Unlike a phone call, a Skype call, or a FaceTime call, users can choose to have their Nucleus devices auto-answer calls. That is: their devices ring and immediately pick up, without any need to press a button or say a command. For those who don’t want their devices to auto-answer, there is a Privacy button placed permanently along the bottom of the touchscreen - once pressed, Nucleus will require a touchscreen tap in order to answer an incoming call. Additionally, we've built in a physical privacy shutter that cannot be controlled via software. 

We chose to build Nucleus around auto-answer because it serves as an homage to the inspiration for Nucleus: the traditional home intercom. We’ve built on this classic functionality by allowing devices to auto-answer calls even if they come from devices placed in other homes across city, state, or national borders, or from the Nucleus mobile app.

Auto-answer has become so much more than an homage to traditional intercoms. Our users primarily use auto-answer as a method of checking in on their elderly and infirm family members. Auto-answer is the feature that helps our users take away the unknown. One of our customers describes the power of auto-answer as the “removal of uncertainty.” When she travels, she can use the Nucleus mobile app to call the device she placed in her kitchen, and auto-answer allows her to see that her mother is taking a nap in the kitchen, safe and sound. Anxiety removed - auto-answer to the rescue.

We can think of a few other use cases for auto-answer: getting the kids down to the dinner table is an obvious one… waking your son up without having to yell to his room is another. How do you use Nucleus and the auto-answer feature? What’s your favorite Nucleus feature? Send us a note at hi@nucleuslife.com and let us know!

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