Stay close: When you’re at home, or just want to be. Stay close: When you’re at home,
or just want to be.

Meet Nucleus, the first anywhere intercom

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For when you simply want to say "hello"

We wanted a better way to keep an eye on the kids in the next room and a way to get them to the dinner table without yelling across the house. A better way to stay in touch with each other at home and with our favorite people far away. Something simple to use and easy on the eyes, that doesn’t compromise the college fund or require rewiring the whole house.

Despite our tireless searching, we realized that nothing satisfied our needs. So that's why we made Nucleus: a new kind of intercom, built for the 21st century and the modern family who want to stay close and replace the home life grind with a laugh and a high five and a "just wanted to say hi!"

There had to be a better way. So we made one.

We made Nucleus to make it possible to be together from anywhere.

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Get it all done – but do it together.

Plan the menu for Saturday's BBQ together, ask Alexa to add Back-to-School night to your Google calendar, and share the ups and downs of your day —all from opposite ends of the house. When you can do the to-dos together, the little things are suddenly less of a chore.

Be right there when they need you.

Nana may be the original independent woman, but you still like to check in, say hi, help out, and make sure everything in her world is A-ok. Nana has her own life, but she likes it better with more of you in it.

Stay close, no matter how far you are.

Make sure your littlest is sleeping soundly and
 your oldest can still picture your face while you’re out being a road warrior and bringing home the bacon. Now you can be there even when you have to be somewhere else.

Connect to Mobile

Download the Nucleus app so you can easily check in on-the-go.

Privacy & Security

The privacy camera shutter, "do not disturb", mode and privacy settings give you full control of your device.

Instant Video & Calling

Connect with all your loved ones with ease, so home is just a tap away.

Just Ask Alexa

Activate Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

What Our Customers Say

"I am really enjoying this product. After setting up our devices, my parents have been able to use it successfully every day. I'm loving that we are not yelling up and down the stairs and there has been no banging on the floor to get someone's attention! Thank you!!"

Audrey B., North Carolina

"We're enjoying this. My mother likes seeing the kids. My youngest, who’s 7-years old, has already figured out how to call and hang up. We've had to move the mounts up a little higher so she'd stop calling everyone. :)"

Teisha B., Texas

"Thank you all. I knew we needed a better communication method but didn't realize how drastically it could be improved."

Lisa N., California


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